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Add value to your oilseed crops by integrating an Energrow Oilseed Pressing System on your farm. Producing your own fresh feed and value-added oil will reduce your external costs and significantly improve your farm’s cash flow.

Screw IMGP5145
Hardened just like you
  • Engineered for maximum durability
  • One million machine hours and counting
  • Rugged machine designed with food grade components
  • Compatible with most oilseed crops
  • Made in Canada - backed by an industry leading warranty
Control at your fingertips
  • Large full colour touch screen with simple controls
  • Schedule startup and shutdown to match your needs
  • Adjust and save settings based on seed type
  • Sensor driven to ensure safe and consistent operation
  • Monitor press status easily with notification options
Panel IMGP5141
frame IMGP5298
Supporting your press and your farm
  • FEA optimized frame is precision machined and powder coated for long life
  • Extendable arms support standard poly tote bags
  • Compact design and convenient service access
  • Forklift guides for ease of transportation
  • Pivoting control panel for quick access
Driving your bottom line
  • Performance motor and gearbox with oversized bearings
  • Severe duty coatings are ready for the harshest environments
  • Premium VFD reduces noise and prevents voltage leakage
  • Synthetic food grade oil extends service life and ensures feed safety
drive IMGP5303
Sedimentation IMGP5283
Don't settle for anything less
  • Optimized for oil collection and sedimentation
  • Cam-lock connectors and valves for pumping oil and draining sediment
  • Easy-to-remove lid for complete cleaning access
  • Designed for use with EF360 Filtration System

  Single System Double System
Input Power Single Phase 240V, 50A 2x Single Phase 240V, 50A
Seed Capacity (per 24h) 600-1200kg (1320-2640 lbs) 1200-2400kg (2640-5280 lbs)
Soy Oil Production Rate (per 24h) 80L (21.1 US Gal) 160L (42.2 US Gal)
Canola Oil Production Rate (per 24h) 250L (66.6 US Gal) 500L (84.4 US Gal)
Oil Extration Rate (% wt) 10% - 30% 10% - 30%
Noise Exposure (dB/hr) <90/8+ per OSHA 1910.95 <90/8+ per OSHA 1910.95
Weight 300kg (660 lbs) 400kg (880 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.0m x 2.6m x 21.m
(6.6ft x 8.6ft x 6.9ft)
2.5m x 3.0m x 2.1m
(8.2ft x 9.9ft x 6.9ft)

Durable EE3750 Energrow Hybrid Expeller/Extruder X  
High Efficiency 5hp Drive X  
Stainless Seed Hopper, Oil Funnel, and Pellet Guide X  
Swivel Mounted Colour Touch Screen Panel X  
Sedimentation System X  
Auto Start/Shut Down, Scheduled Production X  
Protective Components (heavy duty hopper magnet, spray guard, and sensors) X  
Reinforced Platform with Adjustable Leg Supports X  
Future Ready3 X  
Maintenance Tool Kit X  
5 year (9000hr) limited warranty - structural (non-wear) components X  
2 year (3000hr) limited warranty - wear, rotating and electrical components X  
External Light Bar   X
GSM Modem   X
Multi-Press Frame   X
Tank Level Monitor   X

* Ready for new features, products, and process integration.
1 May vary depending on press settings, seed moisture, quality, and type.
2 Height of hopper excluded.
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