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  • Pressing System from Energrow

    Energrow Pressing Systems are all electric and compact oilseed expeller pressing systems. These systems enable you to take your home grown or purchased soybeans (or other oilseeds) and process them directly on farm to make a high quality expeller meals and oils. They are the most user-friendly, efficient and reliable on-farm pressing systems on the market.

    Reduce purchased feed costs with your own fresh, consistent and highly palatable feed and feed more of your own crops. Energrow makes ‘crushing’ your feed costs simple, so you can continue to focus on running your farm and keep more money in your pocket. Maximize your farm grown feeds with Energrow!

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    Fully Automated

    Fully-automated design for unattended processing that’s reliable, safe and consistent. Easy to run and integrate into a feed room or commodity bay and run within hours of arriving at your farm.

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    Fully Supported

    Fully- supported with factory direct service, durable parts, leading industry warranty, and oil buyback program.

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    Low cost and high value!

    Turn-key, compact and energy efficient design. Low cost to produce highly palatable protein and minimize purchased proteins and fats.

  • Pressing system add-ons
    Seed Capacity (per 24h)600-1200kg
    (1320-2640 lbs)
    (2640-5280 lbs)
    (5280-10580 lbs)
    (7930-15870 lbs)
    (2640-5280 lbs)
    Soyex Output (per 24h)¹900kg (1980 lbs)1800kg (3960 lbs)3600 kg (7930 lbs)5400 kg (11905 lbs)2455kg (5400 lbs)5400kg (11880 lbs)
    Oil Production Rate (per 24h)¹80L (21.1 US Gal)160L (42.2 US Gal)320L (84.4 US Gal)480L (126.6 US Gal)N/AN/A
    Oil Extraction Rate (% wt)10% - 30%N/AN/A
    comes pre-expanded to add second press in futuresupports up to a
    2-press system
    supports up to a
    6-press system
    Presses can process many other oilseeds.
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    Energrow offers an oil buyback program that is exclusive to Energrow crushers. The oil income helps you ensure you have a quick return on your investment!

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What kind of power does it take to run a press?

Standard Energrow Pressing Systems are single phase 240V with a 50A supply circuit and can be plugged directly into a standard welder plug for plug and play crushing. 3 phase is also available. Refer to the Specifications for full details.

How much can an Energrow Press crush in a day?

How much capacity you get from your Energrow Pressing System varies depending on your seed type, condition and quality. For soybeans, for example, expect to crush up to 1mt of raw soybeans per 24 hour day per press. Systems are modular so more presses can be added upfront or later to increase capacity. A 2 press system would be 2mt/ day, 4 press 4mt/ day, etc.

What crops can I crush?

Energrow Pressing Systems can process all kinds of oilseeds to produce an expeller meal and oil. Seeds include but are not limited to: soybeans, canola/ rapeseed, flax/ linseed, sunflower, hemp, camelina, etc.

What do I do with the oil?

Energrow offers an oil buyback program. Get a guaranteed income for your oil! Check out the Oil Program details for more information about if your area is supported by this program or contact us!

Is there much maintenance?

Energrow Systems are designed to be very durable and easy to use and maintain. Minimal service is required. Systems are designed to be able to run unattended 24/7 and they are remote capable to have press access at your fingertips. A light bar option is also available so you can see from the yard what status the crushing process is in. The first service takes about 20 minutes and is normally done around 1500hrs (60 days if running 24/7)

Where do I get parts and service?

Parts and service are available directly from Energrow by calling, texting or emailing our service support – whatever you prefer!

Where is the best place to put this on my farm?

Energrow will work with you to decide on the best location for your Pressing System. The systems are compact and turnkey so getting it setup even temporarily is an option too! Most farms setup their pressing system in one of three ways for capturing the meal:
  1. Commodity bay – this is most common for farms that already use commodity bays to store
  2. Automated capture and takeaway – this is the most common for farms that want the pelleted meal in a bin to deliver it automatically to the mixer, feeding system, robots, etc.
  3. Tote bags – this is most commonly used for getting started with a temporary setup or for niche or food grade crushing

What does a pressing system cost?

We look forward to understanding your project and goals and getting you a solution quoted to support that!

crush your feed costs today!

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