Our Story

Energrow was born from an idea on a dairy farm back in 2006 in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The farm was struggling with increasing input costs, especially with purchased feed. Wanting to feed more farm grown feeds, the farm looked to its soybeans. Soybeans were being sold off the farm to an elevator, then brought to a processor. The farm then had to purchase solvent soybean meal, other proteins and fats back through the local mill.
To reduce costs and improve efficiency, the father and daughter team developed a pressing system to take the raw soybeans, extract oil and produce a pelleted soybean meal. By crushing its own soybeans on-farm, the farm replaced over 70% of their purchased proteins and fats with the expeller soymeal. They also saw improved production and used the extracted oil to run in farm diesel equipment, including the farm’s generator.
For a 120 cow tie stall barn, the system paid for itself in under 2 years. Realizing the value this system brought to their own dairy farm and that no reliable pressing systems were available for farmers to use on-farm, Energrow was born. Energrow continues to strive at helping farmers capture more value from their farm grown crops and keep more money in their pockets!

Why Energrow?

Save thousands on feed costs every year with Energrow’s award-winning Energrow’s pressing system. Replace 70% or more of your purchased protein with nutritious SoyexTM soybean meal.
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Cut feed costs & make money

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Fresh, consistent, high quality feed

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Take control of your feed costs by crushing or roasting soybeans and keep more money in your pocket!