• We feed a high forage (65%) ration for our robotic dairy. Our farm grown beans are processed through our Energrow Pressing System and feeding high moisture corn and Soyex™ produced an excellent response from the cows. Average 3.6-3.7 milking visits/day with 2.8-3.0 refusals eliminating any need for purchased robot pellets. Production stands at 45kg/day at 3.98 butterfat and 3.1% protein.

    Robot Dairy Farm, Fergus, ON, Canada

    Aside from the robots, we feed [Soyex] to our calves. We used to have all kinds of trouble with our calves but soon after adding the mash, they had a nice shine and less health problems too. When we added Soyex to our TMR bunk mix our milk average went up from 28L to 34L. Instead of picking up the phone once a month to order a batch of pellets, the only inconvenience is that every 6 weeks it takes 1.5 hours to make our own mash and transfer into our bin that feeds the robot.

    Robot Dairy Farm, Lindsay, ON, Canada

    Our veal calves have better yielding carcasses and two buyers at the Ontario Stock Yards have commented that our calves have improved since starting to feed Soyex. The main advantage of the Energrow system is the cost savings. Our nutritionist removed $0.30 per head of grain from our ration and feeding our own soybeans is cheaper than purchasing concentrate.

    Dairy and Veal farm, Woodville, ON, Canada

    (Soyex) is an ‘economical’ source of protein for our dairy goats. Our milk production and conception rates have increased noticeably!!

    Dairy Goat Farm, Newton, ON, Canada

    After consulting with my nutritionist, I came to the conclusion that it is more economical to use Soyex than using roasted beans.

    Dairy Farm, Atwood, ON, Canada

    Not only did our feed costs go down significantly, but our cows came up in milk by 2 to 3 litres per cow per day! The cows love Soyex and it feeds really well in the robots! We don’t see why more dairies aren’t using their own mash through their robots, especially with the money you can save by using Soyex!

    Robot Dairy Farm, Lindsay, ON, Canada

    We like Soyex as another source of protein. We find these pellets to be higher in fat than (solvent extracted) soybean meal and also very palatable. Thank you!

    Dairy Farm, West Montrose, ON, Canada
  • Our butterfat right now is 4.05 and our protein is 3.3-3.4, so it’s marvelous. It’s our own product and I’m proud to use my own product…. You don’t need to handle it, you don’t have to transport it, you’re environmentally friendly just by doing that. I think we’re on the right track to reduce costs. This product is what is going to make it happen.

    Dairy Farm, Casselman, ON, Canada

    Beyond the farm-grown feeds, minerals, vitamins, and calf grains are my only out of pocket feed costs for the milking herd that averages 89 pounds of milk per day per cow on twice a day milking. I have reached my goal of producing all my feed inputs on-farm except minerals!

    Dairy Farm, Greenwood, WI, USA

    It’s easy to operate, very easy to setup, and fairly maintenance free. If I have seed in the tank and the (meal) bag’s empty, it’ll run 24 hours a day. It’ll operate while I’m sleeping or taking deposits to the bank!

    Custom Crusher, Listowel, ON, Canada

    Not only did we save on feed costs but the cows came up 15% in milk. Rather than just sell soybeans to a local elevator and then buy back feed, if you get it from your own beans it saves a lot of money!

    Dairy and Veal Farm, Woodville, ON, Canada

    On farm processing makes more sense than the loop of farm to elevator, to Hamilton, to feedmill, back to the farm. We have reduced feed costs and added extra income from oil sales and customer pressing.

    Dairy and Veal Farm, Lindsay, ON, Canada
  • If farmers want to survive they are going to have to try some of these things!

    Dairy Farm, Newton, Ontario, Canada

    Energrow puts control of input costs and profitability back into the hands of the individual farmer creating pockets of local wealth wherever it is deployed…. The rising costs of feed and fuel is a nightmare for most farmers today – for those who have discovered Energrow and taken back control of their farm input costs, the nightmare is over.

    Jaret Henhoeffer – GM, Perth Community Futures, Stratford, Ontario (2008)

    I commend Energrow on its development of an innovative, small-scale vegetable oil press and production system that allows the on-farm processing of oilseeds to produce a livestock feed supplement… On-farm renewable energy production is rapidly emerging as an area worthy of further exploration, research, and innovation. Energrow is an example of a grass-roots company exploring how farmers can become involved in meeting this global challenge…

    Honourable Leona Dombrowsky – Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, Guelph, Ontario (2008)