Roasted Corn

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    Make roasted corn fresh on the farm with a Red Jacket Roasting System. This automated process heat treats corn (and other grains!) consistently, reliably, and safely to maximize farm grown feeds in rations. 

    Roasting makes grain more palatable and more digestible. A higher energy value of the roasted corn reduces the amount of corn needed and makes room for more forage in the diet. A Perdue study found beef cattle gained 8.2% faster on roasted corn compared to raw corn and required 9.7% less feed per kilogram of gain.

  • Why Roast Corn?

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    Makes dry corn more palatable encourages maximizing daily feed intake in TMR, robot, or top dress rations

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    Starch is more soluble and available, making room for more forage (and added fibre)

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    Feeding dry roasted corn instead of high-moisture raw corn provides less amount of acidic feed which will keep a lower rumen pH to avoid potential acidosis.

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    Roasting can more than double the shelf life in roasted flaked corn over raw corn and other forms of processing in humid weather.

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    Supports better breeding, improves butterfat and protein and maintains body weight during peak production resulting in a higher and longer peak level.

  • According to a trial at New Bolton Center, dairy cows fed roasted corn advanced milk production with at least a two to one return on investment. As the price of corn increases, the value of roasting corn increases. If fecal starch can be reduced a 1% unit, milk production could increase .72 lbs, if dry matter intake remained constant.
    Purdue University conducted a Holstein heifer feeding study with raw and roasted corn in a 90 day trial. Both groups had same forage diet, one with raw and one with roasted corn. The heifers fed the roasted corn gained body weight 10% more rapidly and required 11.9% less feed.

    Roasted Corn Samples from an Energrow Roasting System
    Examples of how the corn looks after roasting and rolling using the integrated 600R attachment option

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