Energrow Inc.

Energrow has the products and services to help your farm crush your feed costs

The ES750B Farm Scale Press will crush up to one tonne of your soy, canola, flax, sunflower or other oilseed crops per day, producing meal for your livestock and oil as an added revenue stream.

ES3750B Oilseed Pressing System


The EP010 Automated Soybean Milling System is easy to integrate into your ES3750B system setup, transporting, conditioning and preparing your soybeans for optimal oil and meal extraction.  

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The EF360 Oil Filtration System is a cost effective way to add value to your oil.  Filter to feed or fuel grade and use your oil on-farm, or sell it at the highest market value.

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Our Oil Buyback Program which is exclusive to Energrow crushers ensures a quick return on investment on your ES750B pressing system.  We will buy back your oil, reducing your effective feed costs even further.

We also provide Biodiesel Conversion Kits for your farm equipment.  With fuel costs on the rise, this is a great way to capitalize on your oil production.


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