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Better Farming
May 2011

Energrow Crushers, Leonard and Mark Howes & Family built a new $2.5 million dairy barn the local way. Howes are based out of Vankleek Hill, ON and recently had an open house that attracted over 700 people.  Their barn showcases a running Energrow System right in the new feed room.  

Energrow is very proud to be a part of this big project.  

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The Kincardine News
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As part of the recent Bruce County Holstein Club Tour, Jim and Helen Christie and family of Christhill Farms at Tara went beyond just showcasing their farm which houses 200 Holsteins and featuring 12 excellent, 54 very good and 14 good-plus animals. The Christies also offered visitors some fresh fries with a twist... french fries made in their own farm-pressed soybean oil. Right near the deep fryer, Christie's show-cased their Energrow Oilseed Pressing System, which processes the farm pressed oil. The system enables the Christies to take their farm-grown soybeans and make fresh soybean meal, while extracting oil to add extra value. The oil is cold-pressed, meaning it keeps the oil's natural nutritional traits intact. Unlike solvent extracted oil, the oil is not bleached or deodorized, giving the fries a distinct golden colour and uniquely fresh flavour. The soybean meal made from their system (Soyex) replaces most of the Christie's externally purchased energy and protein supplements for their dairy cows. "Our cows really like our homemade Soyex and get a really nice shine from the oil left in the meal," said Jim Christie. "We've saved a lot on our feed bill and have a lot more control over our feed costs. We are currently feeding a 78% forage ration." "An Energrow System can really help producers take more control over their commodity and reduce external costs...it's a step towards freedom," says Jasmin Hofer, general manager of Energrow. "I think the Christie's have actually brought a new meaning to the term "freedom fries!"

Via The Kincardine News

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