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Jasmin Hofer, CEO of Energrow Inc. was awarded the 2010 Woman of the Year in Agriculture at the 12th Annual Optimism Place Women of the Year Awards held at the River Garden Inn in Stratford on Monday, October 18, 2010. 
Hofer was honoured with this award for her contributions in the area of agriculture and demonstrating her commitment to and the advocacy for improving the lives of women and/or girls in her community.

“This event is about celebrating our successful women” said John Wilkinson, MPP Perth-Wellington.  Award recipients were selected based on their level of commitment, leadership ability, and breaking new ground or old barriers. Ms. Hofer was specifically honoured for her commitment to develop and grow her ground-breaking company, Energrow that designs and manufactures farm-scale oilseed pressing systems that enable farmers to add more value to their crops. 

Energrow is proud to support microfinancing institutions that improve sustainability and profitability for farmers around the world. You can view the projects we're supporting here.

Why consider an Energrow System for your farm?  Here’s 4 reasons Energrow is ‘freedom for your farm’:

  1. More Independence. Be less dependent on unpredictable commodity markets and expensive feed bills.  You grow your own forages to control feed costs, why not your soybeans too? An Energrow press can make up to 900kg of fresh pressed soybean meal per day.  That’s enough to feed over 300 cows for only $5 of electricity. You can run your system a few days out of the week or run multiple presses if you need more production.
  2. Quality Feed. Soyex, the expeller pressed soybean meal made by your Energrow System is a consistent and palatable feed that your cows will love. It’s freshly pelleted, and ready to feed in a top dress, TMR, or robot application. Soyex is usually fed at around 2-2.5kg/lactating cow/day and can replace over 75% of your purchased protein. It also works great with heifers and calves.
  3. Reliable Production. Energrow systems are automated (means no babysitting), ready to run, and come with hands-on training on arrival at your farm. Energrow Systems are backed by a great warranty and reliable, local service so you can have feed when you need it.
  4. It Makes $ense. For the average 75 head dairy, an Energrow System pays for itself in less than 3 years!  You don’t just save on your external feed costs by pressing your own beans.  The cold-pressed oil has many uses both on and off the farm.  Energrow offers its crushers a program that guarantees a market for your oil*.  For every tonne of soybeans that you press, you can make up to $70 for the oil you extract.  You milk your cows, why not your soybeans?

    *Full program in effect for Ontario customers, some limitations apply to other Canadian provinces and US states. For program details, contact Energrow.
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