Energrow Inc.

Perth County, 2007
Recognition for enhancing the agri-food sector. Energrow's initiative project with Hofarm Ltd. reflected the spirit of innovation that abounds on Ontario farms. Energrow's team was commended for its efforts to create a new product for farmers to use when processing their own oilseeds. In addition to generating on-farm income, the oilpressing innovation benefits the environment due to its energy efficiency, carbon dioxide offset potential and through the production of zero net waste.

Toronto, 2008
Ontario Innovation Excellence Awards is a gala event celebrating a festival of innovation. One hundred and twenty six nominations were up for 7 awards. Awards were presented for Financial Innovation, sponsored by RBC Royal Bank; Sustainable Development, Strategic Positioning, Intellectual Design, Government Innovation and Non-Government Innovation. A seventh award was be presented to the 2008 Ontario Innovation Excellence "most excellent" Innovation.

Ottawa, 2007
Introduced in 1997, this award is the result of a burning entrepreneurial passion by founder Wes Nicol, a successful Ottawa-based business leader, to create a unique, national-award program for young entrepreneurs. Wes’ vision was to introduce an award that:

  • Recognized, celebrated, and championed the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Mirrored real-world pressures and conditions that an entrepreneur must face to get the financial backing and support required for his or her idea
  • Attracted the brightest students from multiple disciplines in addition to business: engineering, philosophy, science, art, and others
  • Helped to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs to drive the Canadian economy

This vision has become a respected annual event that consistently attracts the brightest up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the country. The original Award was endowed at Carleton University, Wes’ alma mater, and has been a successful annual event at the Sprott School of Business ever since. Today fifteen Canadian universities host Local Competitions that culminate in the very best teams being sent to Ottawa for a National Competition and an exhilarating, prestigious gala event.

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