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The Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI) is offering a hands-on course, ‘Soybeans: Finding Opportunities on Your Farm and in the Community,’ designed to help soybean producers increase their profitability, on June 21-22 in Ridgetown, Ontario.


 “CIGI is pleased to be partnering with the Grain Farmers of Ontario, the University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus, the Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Energrow, and Blythe Brae Farms to provide soybean producers with hands-on knowledge for improving profitability of their soybeans on farm,” says Dr. Rex Newkirk, CIGI Director of Research and Business Development.  “The two-day course will explore the options for processing soybeans on farm and using the products for feed and fuel.”

 Content will include information on the opportunities for roasting soybeans and the value of the product in livestock operations. Options for oil extraction will also be featured, including a demonstration of a press designed and produced in Ontario.  On the second day, producers will explore options for using the oil as a fuel source, producing fuel from their own seed. They will also have the chance to speak with experts in each of the areas as well as to spend time in the unique facilities at the Ridgetown Campus and CIGI portable biodiesel plant.

 “This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get all the information producers need to make smart business decisions regarding their soybeans,” Rex says.

 To register go to www.cigi.ca  or for more information please contact Rex at (204) 781-7596.

Since 1972 more than 32,000 people representing grain, oilseed, pulse and special crops industries from 114 countries have participated in CIGI programs and seminars. CIGI is a non-profit market development organization with a vision to be the recognized leader specializing in offering continuous advances in Canadian field crop products to the world. Core funding is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Wheat Board. Additional funds and support are provided by other sectors of the agriculture industry.


For more information contact:

Dr. Rex Newkirk
Director, Research and Business Development

Canadian International Grains Institute
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