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The all-new ES3750B Energrow Oilseed Pressing System was unveiled at the Canadian International Outdoor Farm Show on September 20-22. Energrow's pressing system features a touchscreen PLC control panel, which makes it very easy for users to oversee the running of the system. "These systems are made to run themselves," says Energrow systems designer Nicholas Leja. "We design Energrow Systems to be as easy as possible to use and maintain, while still providing high quality oil and meal products."

New features and benefits of the ES3750B:

  • runs on its own (24/7 high efficiency production with no babysitting)
  • timed production, and self start-up and shut down (saves the producer a lot of time and press runs when its needed)
  • presets to run different crops (easy to change from one oilseed to another)
  • interacts with supporting equipment (Hammer Mill Control Panel means the augers, bins, and hammer mill that are part of the system will reliably work together)
  • System is expansion ready (more presses can easily be added as capacity or demand grows)
(Energrow at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

Energrow is unveiling its newest ES3750B Oilseed Pressing System and product line-up for 2012 at the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, ON. This Canadian-built system enables producers to process their own oilseeds in order to make their own fresh feed and fuel directly on-farm. In order to provide farmers with the most reliable and consistent oilseed pressing technology, Energrow systems have a very user-friendly design and high level of automation. Come and see the most advanced oilseed pressing technology that's built for the farm!

Here's a sneak peak of one of the newest products to be unveiled at the show.


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