Energrow Inc.

Each Energrow press/extruder has the capacity to process approximately 1 tonne of seed per day (24hrs).

Some output examples (per day)for one Energrow press:
Soybeans: 900kg Soyex (extruded soybean meal) and 100kg crude oil
Canola: 750kg Canex (extruded canola meal) and 250kg crude oil

Energrow systems are designed and built to run reliably on a continuous and unmanned basis and easily accommodate multiple presses. You can expand your capacity right from the start or add presses as your market or demand grows with ease and minimal cost. When trying to decide on your pressing capacity, allow for down-time factors such as standard repair and maintenance, set-up and expansion plans, running out of seed, getting a bad batch of seed, testing different seeds, custom pressing, etc.. If you're unsure of what number to use, we suggest allowing a conservative 15-30 days a year: 335-350 tonnes capacity per year per press.

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