Energrow Inc.

Energrow takes great care to make sure all of its systems are made for safe use and quality feed production.  How are some of the ways Energrow cares about your safety?

No Chemicals

There are no chemicals used or required in processing your oilseeds.  Energrow systems use only food-grade lubricants.

Quality Materials

All Energrow systems are built using durable and non-toxic materials.  Your pressing system comes with a very strong magnet that captures any metal that may have found its way to your bin or past your hammer mill. 


Your press can be run unattended.  It is armed with a number of sensors and guards to know when to turn off such as: running out of seed, getting a foreign object, filling an oil container, or overheating.

Standards Compliance

Your system meets or exceeds the following equipment standards for design, safety, and useability:

  • ISO 7010/ANSI Z535
  • CSA C22.2 14-05
  • OSHA 1910.95 via ISO 11204
  • ISO 4254/13854/14120/14122
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