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Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Grant
Apply for your chance to get 50% (up to $15,000) towards your pressing system! This grant is for Canadian farmers acquiring new processing equipment and technology necessary to support the processing of a value-added agricultural food or product.
Crush your beans (or other oilseeds) and add value to your own crop! You save significant money on purchased feed costs by making your own freshly pelleted soymeal and you make an income off the oil! Whether you're TMR feeding or have robots, feed more of your farm grown feed to cut back on purchased feed and SAVE BIG!

To apply for the grant here's what you will need to do:

  1. Review and complete the CAP Category 'New Products and Processes' Application.
  2. Complete a GYFP Workshop and Action Plan Review within the last five years (or equivalent). This can be done in person or online. Click here for more details.
  3. Business Plan that focuses on how much money is saved and what the total business impacts would be.
  4. Quotes for all portions of the project

Intakes accepted January 8-29 until 5pm
Funds are limited and it's not clear if they're approving on a first come first served basis or not, so it's worth getting your application in early if it can increase your chances of acceptance! 
Don't have much time? Let Elite Agri Solutions  or Watchurst Ag Services take care of it for you. Meet with them and/or fill out a simple questionnaire and data form and the rest of the application and business plan will be submitted for you on your behalf! We're here to help you too in getting your application together!
**Both companies will only charge on grants that are approved. If you don't get approved, you will not be billed.**
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