Energrow Inc.

Energrow meal is an expeller-pressed soybean, flax, canola, sunflower, hemp meal made fresh on your farm. By pressing your own oil-seeds using your Energrow System you will add value to your crops by extracting oil and producing a freshly pelletized feed. Reduce your feed costs and take control of your cash flow.  Isn't it time to maximize your farm grown feed with Energrow.

A recent trial of Soyex in robot feeding equipment found that the farm fresh soybean meal complements the equipment very well to support dynamic and high quality feeding.

Soyex is a high energy and palatable feedstuff. The freshly pelleted feed is cleaned up quickly by the cows and helps attract them to the milker.

Soyex flows very well and does not leave oil residues. In a mix with high moisture corn and mixed grain, the Soyex pellets actually absorb some of the moisture from the corn, enabling a good flow in the robot feed hoppers.

The trial began August 2010 and is using the Lely Astronaut A4 with three feed deliveries: complete pellets, Soyex mix, and liquid feed.

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