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Flex is expeller-pressed flax meal made fresh on your farm. You make it from your own flax using your Energrow System. Energrow Oilseed Pressing Systems add value to your crops by extracting oil and producing a freshly pelletized feed directly on your farm. Reduce your feed costs and take control of your cash flow. Maximize your farm grown feed with Energrow.

Benefits of Feeding Flex:

  • Fresh: palatable and ready to feed – no additives or chemicals
  • Practical: pellets ensure quick drying, minimal breakage, and easy augering and mixing
  • Natural Energy: naturally complemented with flax oil, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Economical: higher protein means more into your rations and a reduction in external costs in your lactating, dry, and calf-starter rations
  • Healthy: healthy fats reduce animal health problems
  • Performs: improve production and reproduction

For a more detailed nutritional analysis: please contact us.

Basis DM As Fed
Dry Matter % 100.0 90.2
Crude Protein % 38.5 34.7
Energy Values

Crude Fat % 24.4 22.0
Net Energy Lactation mcal/kg 1.9 1.7
Net Energy Gain mcal/kg 1.8 1.6
Net Energy Maintenance mcal/kg 2.6 2.3
Ruminant TDN 92.7 83.6

Phosphorus is an expesive mineral and is found naturally in higher amounts in Flex.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. If the essential amino acids are not supplied adequately in a ration, protein synthesis is arrested and growth or milk production is reduced. It is economically advantageous to feed excess protein including essential amino acids to prevent loss in production.

Comparing amino acid contents
(% as received)

Amino Acid Flax
Flex Solvent
Methionine 0.37 0.53 0.48
Cysteine 0.42 0.56 0.58
Lysine 0.99 1.18 1.10
Tryptophan 0.22 0.47 0.48
Threonine 0.80 1.12 1.20
Isoleucine 1.07 1.50 1.80
Histidine 0.53 0.60 0.70
Valine 1.43 1.49 1.60
Leucine 1.43 1.87 2.00
Arginine 2.23 2.54 2.70
Phenylalanine 1.15 1.43 1.50

*  Based on representative 2010 Energrow on-farm flax processing data in Ontario. Nutritional info is intended as a representative resource only. Feed results may vary based on seed variety, quality, growing season, fertility of the soil, and settings on your Energrow press, etc.
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