Energrow Inc.

Durable EE3750 Energrow Hybrid Expeller/Extruder X  
High Efficiency 5hp Drive X  
Stainless Seed Hopper, Oil Funnel, and Pellet Guide X  
Swivel Mounted Colour Touch Screen Panel X  
Sedimentation System X  
Auto Start/Shut Down, Scheduled Production X  
Protective Components (heavy duty hopper magnet, spray guard, and sensors) X  
Reinforced Platform with Adjustable Leg Supports X  
Future Ready3 X  
Maintenance Tool Kit X  
5 year (9000hr) limited warranty - structural (non-wear) components X  
2 year (3000hr) limited warranty - wear, rotating and electrical components X  
External Light Bar   X
GSM Modem   X
Multi-Press Frame   X
Tank Level Monitor   X
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