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Produce your own fresh fuel directly on-farm.  Energrow Oilseed Pressing Systems add value to your crops by extracting oil and producing a freshly pelletized feed directly on your farm. Energrow Systems extract oil through natural, mechanical means, producing a high quality and stable oil that makes for an excellent on-farm fuel.

Benefits of pressing your own fuel

  • Replace up to 90% of your diesel fuel
  • Produce fuel for as little as $0.08/L with canola and $0.23/L with soybeans
  • Great for the environment (Oil is non-toxic and is a CO2 neutral fuel)
  • Flexibility: power your tractor, feed your animals or sell the oil

Your SVO Fuel Options

Once you've filtered your oil through the Energrow EF888 Filtration System, you have 3 ways in which you can use your straight oil as fuel in a diesel engine:

  • 5-10% oil added straight into your diesel fuel tank (This option requires no conversion and is great for bringing lubricity back to your engine with the changeover to low sulfer diesel fuel.)
  • 30-40% using a basic conversion: oil is added to the existing tank, also useful for biodiesel that is not winter-stable
  • 80-100% using a two-tank conversion: oil has its own tank

Energrow offers a selection of quality diesel engine conversion kits and parts. They are specifically designed for the use of straight vegetable oil (svo) to be run in diesel engines, ensuring that the oil being used is properly filtered and heated. Energrow is proud to offer Canadian designed conversion equipment, as well as being the exclusive North American distributor of Biodrive products.

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