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University of Waterloo arts students Jasmin Hofer and Ashley Smith, are the brains behind Energrow, which won first place in the national Wes Nicol Undergraduate Business Plan Competition in late March.As winners of the local contest, they went to Ottawa for the finals under the sponsorship of UW’s Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Energrow designs and builds presses to process soybeans into livestock feed plus an oil that can be converted to fuel. “This is about being able to give farmers control of their own commodity,” says Hofer, who developed the company out of a co-op work term job. The duo came home with a $5,000 prize thanks to entrepreneurWes Nicol (who also financed the regional competition at UW) and memories of meeting billionaire Terry Matthews, an Ottawa business leader and donor of the March Networks Atrium in UW’s CEIT building.

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada News Release

Six innovative biofuels projects in Eastern and Central Ontario will receive BOPI funding totalling over $718,000 through the Agricultural Adaptation Council including: ...

  • $70,000 to Energrow for testing and improving small-scale vegetable oil production systems to provide farmers with a sustainable means of producing on-farm energy;

Opportunities for greater involvement in biofuels production facilities allow agricultural producers to become participants in the value chain and increase their share of the benefits from renewable fuels production beyond delivering feedstock.

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