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2009 showed some of the poorest earnings in decades for northeast dairies, according to data collected from Dairy Benchmark and DPA.  Knowing how your farm is doing on a timely basis allows you to make timely decisions and implement an action plan that will work for the success of your operation.  The healthiest margin herds (net margin/cwt) showed a healthy balance in 5 key areas:  

The 5 Key Contributing Factors to Profitability:

  1. Volume of sales. Influenced by milk production, components, and premiums.
  2. Efficiency at which they acheive those sales.
  3. The degree at which they run at full capacity.
  4. Growth achieved in their business.
  5. Overall cost control.

Scours are responsible for amost 61% of calf dealths according to the NAHMS study done several years ago.  Calf scours or diarrhea is not really a disease but rather the clinical sigh of a disease that can have many causes.  Bacteria, viruses, protozoa, nutrition, or environmental stresses can all cause calf scours.

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