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On Farm Presses let Dairy Operations get Better, not Bigger

Ontario Grain Farmer, November 2011
Amy Petherick

HIGH PRICES are a welcome change for grain farmers but a challenge for feed purchasers like dairy farmers.  Although many choose to get bigger to increase profitability, some producers are focusing on feeding cows better.

With the quota cap limiting herd expansion since 2009, many Ontario dairy farmers that are looking to grow their operation have started re-investing in their cropping and feeding practices. One increasingly popular option to investigate is on-farm feed processing with the use of a soybean press. Jasmin Hofer of Energrow, a Newton based company that produces one type of oilseed press, says she has been extremely busy this fall attending shows and trying to keep up with information requests.

“Farmers are telling us that they have been thinking more and more about getting a press for their farms,” says Hofer. “Since dairy producers can't buy quota right now, there is more cash available for other investments.”

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Kenora Farms is being recognized as Producer of the Year, alongside Strom's Farm and Stanton Farms for demonstrating a high level of innovation and farm practices that maximize productivity and profitability.

Father and son team Paul and Andrew Henderson, of Spencerville, Ontario, are certainly no strangers to hard work. Kenora Farms, a dairy and cash crop operation in Spencerville, Ontario has grown to include 150 milking cows, 660 acres, feed processing capabilities, and milk transport services. 

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