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Media Contact

Jasmin Hofer
CEO of Energrow Inc.
P: 844.363.7476 x209
F: 888.959.6589
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location (Main Office and Demonstration Facility)

510-2 Rocher Road, Listowel, ON, N4W 0B2, Canada

Company Profile

Energrow Inc. is dedicated to helping local farmers obtain the most value from their crops and save on feed, fuel, and electrical energy expenses. Ensuring customer satisfaction by implementing a highly durable product, supported by outstanding customer service, is the company’s number one priority. Creating presses with integrative adaptability for each farm is central to Energrow Inc.’s philosophy. Energrow Inc. is a company by farmers, for farmers. All presses are
manufactured through parts supplied by local businesses and Energrow Inc. affiliates in Ontario.

Product Description

The Energrow Expeller is a European inspired cold screw press made to suit the needs of farmers here in North America. This press enables farmers to control their own commodity and add value to their product by integrating it into farm life thereby minimizing various external costs such as feed, fuel, and even electricity. The unit processes oilseeds (i.e. canola, soybeans, hemp) and produces two bioproducts: meal (a pelletized animal feed high in energy and protein), and oil (a value-added product that has many uses incl. feed, lubricant, fuel).


Energrow was founded in 2006 and is located in Listowel, ON, which is 40 kilometres east of Kitchener. Energrow has been developing its product through extensive testing and valuable insight from local area farmers. The company advanced into the market with its first official product launch in May 2008.

Founder Profile

Jasmin Hofer has a BA degree in Honours Arts Co-op from the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Language and International Trade. With experience growing up on a dairy farm combined with travels to Switzerland, Jasmin developed a keen sense for the heartaches that farmers suffer from the costs of running a farm operation. Her affiliations with the MBET (Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology) program at the University of Waterloo, Bioenterprise, and Perth Community Futures Development Corporation give her a competitive edge to forge lasting partnerships and apply her business knowledge of Canada’s agricultural industry. A strong understanding of the agricultural situation in Ontario enables Jasmin to perfect the development of Energrow Inc.’s vegetable-oil-production system.

Interesting Facts

  1. With the Energrow System, crops (oilseeds) can be pressed by farmers allowing them to use the two bioproducts: meal (a palatable, high-energy feedstuff) and straight vegetable oil (a potential fuel/energy source).
  2. Straight vegetable oil when used as a fuel is CO2 neutral – reducing farmers’ ecological footprint.
  3. All Energrow Inc. presses and systems are designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.
  4. The nutrient-rich soybean meal has been proven to increase milk production in dairy cattle and promote weight gain in pigs and chickens.
  5. 1 tonne of raw soybeans produces approximately 100 litres of soybean oil (354 kWh or 475 hp) – that’s enough energy to run 246 sixty-watt light-bulbs per day!
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