Energrow Inc.

Midwestern Ontario Regional Green Jobs Strategy
Excellence in Community Strategic Planning 2011
July 2011


Energrow showcased in video as part of the award-winning Green Jobs Strategy (GJS) implemented in Midwestern Ontario. GJS has 4 objectives to develop the region's green economy: identify emerging jobs and connect them with local skill sets, as well as develop a labour market strategy in partnership with key stakeholders.

When asked what the Green Jobs Strategy contributes to the local economy, Jasmin Hofer, CEO of Energrow Inc. said: "It grows research, it increases investments, it has local businesses developing products, which makes more jobs and that’s a very good thing."

Energrow congratulates the Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) of Midwestern Ontario (Bruce, Elgin, Huron, Middlesex, Perth, Saugeen & Wellington-Waterloo) for being awarded "Excellence in Community Strategic Planning 2011" by the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporation. For more information or to watch the video on the Green Jobs Strategy: www.workgreen.ca

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