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Our world has become increasingly dependent on fossil fuel, a non-renewable resource. The use of fossil fuels is steadily increasing as our increased use of combustion engines increase. This burning of such fuels has dramatically increased the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. Concerned individuals understand that it cannot simply continue like this. One needs to embrace environmentally friendly and alternative energy sources. Every individual can make a difference and save money while doing it!

The inventor of the diesel motor, Rudolf Diesel, actually didn't run his first motor using diesel, it ran on vegetable oil! At that time, diesel didn’t exist, yet the fossil fuels industry quickly recognized the invention and produced a suitable fuel to run the engines. By offering a cheaper price and the availability of a convenient, world-wide network of gas stations, there was little demand for alternhatives that were more environmentally friendly.

  • Diesel, as a crude oil distillate, which for millions of years has been bound in raw oil, releases among other chemicals, CO2 into the atmosphere when burned.
  • With the introduction of Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), non-compatible fuel systems are suffering unexpected and dramtic lubrication failures. The lubricity of vegetable oil is far superior to ULSD diesel and can offset the use of other, expensive fuel additives.
  • It harms our flora and fauna when it finds its way into the ground or water systems

The advantage of diesel is that its flash point is substantially lower than that of vegetable oils, a decisive factor to the ignition performance of diesel motors. Diesel also maintains its fluidity longer than vegetable oil in colder temperatures. Yet for these disadvantages, there are solutions:

  1. Straight vegetable oil can simply be supplemented in low amounts to your diesel fuel as a lubricating/fuel supplement agent.
  2. Converting an engine to run higher amounts is easy with Energrow's conversion systems
With rising fuel costs, this new source not only proves to be more environmentally friendly, but since you can grow it and process it on your own farm, it offers you a substaintial cost savings.
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