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Diesel is not getting any cheaper and more and more farms are seeking freedom from the high input costs of diesel fuel. Vegetable oil makes it possible to save on fuel costs by using oil from oilseed crops like soybeans or canola/rapeseed that's pressed and grown on directly on-farm. Engineers at two of the following companies researched and developed standard off-the shelf tractors that can be powered with farm-fresh vegetable oil:


Agrotron M Series Natural Power

This 130-184hp tractor series features a patented Deutz Fuel Management System comprising of an engine regulator with integrated fuel control, and a two tank feed system designed to operate reliably with vegetable oil fuels.  These engines meet TIER 3 emission limits even when run on crude rapeseed oil. The main feature of this tractor is the presence of two tanks: one for diesel adn the other for vegetable oil fuel.  A supplementary tank is used for diesel fuel, while the main (larger tank) holds the vegetable oil.  Given the different viscosities and physical characteristics of the two fuels, it is not yet possible to run engines only on vegetable oil at all times.  For cold starting, short runs, and in operations invovling extended idle periods, conventional diesel fuel is used instead of vegetable oil.  Since the use of oil also affects diesel performance, the fuel injection system has also had to be redesigned to suit. Deutz Fahr guarantees the following:

  • technical characteristics of the engine and fuel injection system are suited to the use of vegetable oil
  • duration and reliability of the engine and its ancillaries
  • engine can be used in all types of operating and load conditions
  • respect for current legislation on exhaust emissions
  • manufacturer's warranty of 24 months or 2000 operation hours
  • support through dealer network for technical assistence and spare parts.  

Click here for more info from the Deutz-Fahr website.


Fendt 820 Vario Greentec

This tractor was developed together with the engine manufacturer Deutz, is based on a valve-controlled two-tank system. This comprises a 340L rapeseed oil tank and a considerably smaller diesel tank with a capacity of 80L, as well as sophisticated valve technology. This tank capacity is designed for 80% rapeseed oil operation, which means that it is above all for vehicles that are primarily operated at a high engine load.

The engine is first started with diesel fuel and then warmed up. This is necessary because the rapeseed oil differs significantly from diesel fuels in viscosity as well as flash point. Both properties have a decisive influence on combustion. In order to ensure as complete a combustion process as possible, the vegetable oil must be sprayed just as finely as the diesel. To achieve this, the viscosity of the oil must first be adjusted to match that of diesel. The viscosity of vegetable oil is strongly dependent on temperature: the higher the temperature is, the lower the viscosity becomes. That is why the greentec system only switches to rapeseed oil operation when certain parameters are attained. The automatic switch-over occurs when the oil has been preheated to 70 degrees Celsius with the aid of the cooling water heat exchanger or when engine power output is at least 25 percent of the maximum load for more than 30 seconds.

  • As soon as these parameters are no longer met, the system switches back to diesel operation. The rapeseed oil branch is then flushed with diesel, which takes a few seconds. Flushing prevents the rapeseed oil from entering into the diesel. When switching off the engine, the driver must switch over to diesel operation manually, if the automatic function has not already done so. The driver can monitor which fuel is currently being used through a special indicator in the Varioterminal. Some benefits and features of this tractor:
  • This is an integral system, since it was developed together with the engine manufacturer. The greentec tractor has undergone comprehensive testing and Fendt gives farmers a manufacturer's guarantee, just as with the diesel-operated vehicles. Thanks to Fendt's well-known excellent warranty and goodwill service, owners also have no disadvantages when selling their tractor on the used machine market.
  • The single greatest operating cost factor in many farming businesses is fuel. With the use of rapeseed oil, costs in this area can be reduced significantly. Because the tax burden on diesel is high, it is considerably more expensive than rapeseed oil, even when purchased litre-wise. At oil mills or filling stations, pure rapeseed oil currently costs about 0.70 euro per litre.

Click here for more info from the Fendt website.

Expeller oil is a raw material, and like fuels and biodegradeable products, it requires special awareness of its properties, for example, regarding correct storage. To maintain your warranty on these tractors, your fuel must meet DIN 51 605 fuel standards.  Your Energrow Pressing and Filtration Systems are there to help you meet and exceed these standards.

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