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Although SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) is very similar to diesel, there are a number of differences that need to be accounted for when using SVO to replace diesel fuel. SVO has a lower viscosity (it's thicker and gels sooner in cold temperatures) and higher flash point (requires a higher temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air). The 3 standard options to running SVO depend on what percentage of diesel fuel you want to replace:

1. 5-10%: No conversion required. Mix oil directly into your existing diesel fuel tank for added lubricity

2. 30-40%: Single tank conversion. Mix oil directly into your existing fuel tank, while applying extra heat to the fuel.

3. 80-100% Two Tank Conversion: Requires a secondary fuel tank, to switch between diesel and SVO.

Based on svo fueling studies in Europe, Energrow recommends that when burning SVO in North America, you go with either option 1 or option 3. This recommendation is in place due to common variable and cold temperatures, which is not ideal for start-ups on SVO. For more information on these options and the conversion solutions offered by Energrow, please contact us.

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