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Typical Soyex feeding rates are 2-3kg (4.5-6.5lbs) per dairy cow per day. Since there's energy remaining in Soyex, (500g (1lb) of oil), it makes for an excellent feed in high producing dairy cow rations.
If you are feeding free or liquid oil, amount fed should be limited to 225g (.5lb) per cow per day. Unsaturated fatty acids can depress fiber digestion and rumen fermentation.

Here are some recommended feeding rates of soybean feed ingredients for comparison:

Soybean Ingredient Feeding Rate (kg/cow/day) Feeding Rate (lbs/cow/day) Feed Limitations
Roasted soybean, coarse/cracked 2-3 4.4-6.6

high oil content
high RUP
external processing costs

(your expeller soymeal)
2-3 4.4-6.6

medium oil content
medium RUP

(your expeller soymeal, heat treated)

2.5-3.5 5.5-7.7 medium oil content
high RUP
Extruded soybeans 2 4.4

medium oil content
medium to high RUP
high feed cost

Raw soybeans 2 4.4 high oil content
low RUP
higher levels can lower protein digestibility

Answer adapted from University of Illinois Extenstion. 'Feeding Soyean as an Economic Alternative.' Authors: Mike Hutjens, Extension Dairy Specialist, University of Illinois, Urbana.

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