Energrow Inc.

Soybeans do not have to be heat treated. Soyex, does see some heat during processing through the Energrow System, thereby maintaining naturally occurring vitamins and amino acids. It is not treated to very high temperatures as in roasting, micronizing, or large scale extrusion plants. It is also not treated with any chemicals like in solvent extraction. Soyex can be used on it's own or in combination with heat-treated soybeans or other proteins to balance the protein requirements in a dairy ration. How much external feed is needed depends on the quality of your on-farm feed (including Soyex) and your specific production or component goals. If a dairy ration needs more degradable and soluble protein (high corn silage or low quality hay), Soyex fits very well because it has more degradable protein. If your ration requires more undegradable protein, then other proteins or heat treated soybean feeds can be used to complement your Soyex.
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