Energrow Inc.

Soyex will store for over a month if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Since you are able to produce it fresh right on the farm, you may as well feed it fresh. It's like fresh cookies out of the oven...but for animals (though you might even catch yourself grabbing a snack once in a while).

Energrow Systems produce a very high quality feed that is:

  • Consistent: systems are programmed to reliably monitor and control the extrusion process in order to produce consistent feed
  • Palatable: meals produced are ready to feed very palatable due to their texture, consistent nature, and minimized temperature during processing. (Soyex for example, is an excellent ingredient for robotic milking feeders, as a top dress, or mixing straight into a TMR).
  • Flowable: the compacted pellets are very easy to handle.· They dry quickly, don't stick together and auger well. Meal can be stored in totes or bins.
  • Easy to process: Enegrow makes pressing easy!  Seed can be pressed straight from your field and you don't have to pre-condition, pre-expel or dry your it down to industrial processing levels. Seed enters the press and meal is ready to feed as soon as it exits the press. The press runs reliably on it's own, so no babysitting is required. Unlike flake or cake meals that normally require a secondary cooling or drying process on exiting the press, the pelleted meal from Energrow Systems is ready to feed and will not trap moisture which would attribute the feed to self-heat (damaging feed quality), stick (making it difficult to handle and store), and go rancid (not good for anyone).
  • Yours: most importantly, the feed being made is from your own seed. You know what you're feeding and where it came from.  Energrow systems are built for the farm.  They're designed to account for seed that isn't perfectly or industrially cleaned, dried down to industrial processing requirments, or even the highest quality (such as heated canola).
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