Energrow Inc.

Meal Production

Oil Production

Saving Opportunities

  • Buying meal at retail
  • Replacing external protein feeds
  • Replacing external energy feeds (your extruded meal contains more energy that standard industrial and solvent extracted meals)
  • Soybean roasting costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Processing/storage fees
  • Buying diesel at retail
  • Diesel fuel consumption
  • Transportation costs
  • Feed energy supplements

Income Opportunities

  • Sale of excess meal produced
  • Custom processing (GMO, Non-GMO, Organic markets)
  • Milk/Weight Gain in Cattle
    (due to increased energy, improved feed consistency or improved feed quality)
  • Improved Reproduction / Herd Health
  • Sale of excess oil produced (industrial lubricant, fuel, organic food, animal feed markets, etc.)
  • Milk/Weight Gain in Cattle
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