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The amount of oil extracted will depend greatly on the type of seed used as well as its chemical and physical properties such as how clean it is, moisture content, seed variety and quality. You can expect to extract approximately half of the oil from "standard seeds off the field"*. Should you require or want more extraction, then there are further steps and processing that can be done to do so.

Our definition of: standard seeds off the field": Seeds that you take off your land and are of suitable quality and moisture to be stored in a bin.  They are generally clean and are not dried down to a very low moisture. We use this definition because this is the way that most farmers will be using their seeds to press on-farm.  You will likely not be pre-condition, de-hull, pre-expel, or dry down or clean your seeds as is required in mid to large industry crushing systems.  Energrow believes in working with honest and realistic numbers, not the most optimistic ones which assumes all conditions are perfect or ideal.  The business of farming is all about change and the unexpected, therefore we give you numbers that you can work with and build a solid business model on (to minimize the unexpected).

Some oil extraction examples:
Soybeans: 900kg Soyex (extruded soybean meal) and 100kg crude oil
Canola: 750kg Canex (extruded canola meal) and 250kg crude oil

You may acheive these extractions or better with your seed.  If you want to know what your seed can do for you, contact us!

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