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Canola that is damaged by frost is prevented from maturing which will reduce oil content of the seed. This isn't ideal for those who make their profit from #1 canola like large oil processors or seed growers/cash croppers. But it is a great thing for cattle producers and those with livestock in general. Frost damaged canola is sold at a reduced price, yet is still a valueable feed ingredient. Why not keep that otherwise lost value on your farm?

Whole canola seed is a good source of crude protein, approx. 27% while frost damaged usually runs 21-24%. Heat damaged canola should be properly processed (like with an Energrow extruder) to obtain maximum digestibility. The oil content of good canola is approx. 41% while for frost damaged canola would be around 31%.

Various techniques can be used to improve the use of heat damaged canola including grinding, rolling, popping, extruding and even softening the seed coat with an acid treatment.The relatively high oil content in the seed can present some challenges for processing. Unlike the other techniques, extruding with an Energrow Pressing System readily processes this seed in a consistent, clean, and reliable manner, while at the same time extracting value-added oil.  This means you not only produce a more digestible feed and are able to replace even more of your purchased protein feeds, but you also get the excess oil. For an extra $15-$20 in processing costs, you end up with 750kg of high protein and energy feed and 250L of oil for use in feed, fuel, or extra income.

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