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Toronto, 2008
Ontario Innovation Excellence Awards is a gala event celebrating a festival of innovation. One hundred and twenty six nominations were up for 7 awards. Awards were presented for Financial Innovation, sponsored by RBC Royal Bank; Sustainable Development, Strategic Positioning, Intellectual Design, Government Innovation and Non-Government Innovation. A seventh award was be presented to the 2008 Ontario Innovation Excellence "most excellent" Innovation.

Ottawa, 2007
Introduced in 1997, this award is the result of a burning entrepreneurial passion by founder Wes Nicol, a successful Ottawa-based business leader, to create a unique, national-award program for young entrepreneurs. Wes’ vision was to introduce an award that:

  • Recognized, celebrated, and championed the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Mirrored real-world pressures and conditions that an entrepreneur must face to get the financial backing and support required for his or her idea
  • Attracted the brightest students from multiple disciplines in addition to business: engineering, philosophy, science, art, and others
  • Helped to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs to drive the Canadian economy

This vision has become a respected annual event that consistently attracts the brightest up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the country. The original Award was endowed at Carleton University, Wes’ alma mater, and has been a successful annual event at the Sprott School of Business ever since. Today fifteen Canadian universities host Local Competitions that culminate in the very best teams being sent to Ottawa for a National Competition and an exhilarating, prestigious gala event.

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