Energrow Inc.

Energrow - Respects the Environment

There's a number of ways in which Energrow supports a greener future:

  • local parts, local manufacturing, local assembly (our systems are delvered from our facility straight to your farm)
  • used parts are refurbished where possible and unused parts get recycled
  • efficient design, minimal electricity consumption

Vehicle Emissions

  • all company vehicles are clean diesels or powered by Energrow oil (straight vegetable oil used as a fuel is CO2 neutral


  • all print materials use 100% or partially recycled paper
  • Energrow reuses most of its packing paper and peanuts

Just by running their own Energrow Systems, farmers make a difference:

  • eliminate or reduce transportation of seed off the farm to a local mill and often distant processor
  • eliminate or reduce transportation of feed to the farm from a local mill and often distant processor
  • reduce energy costs in production of the feed (pre-processing or high-temperature required)
  • reduce chemicals required in feed production (farmer presses feed mechanically rather than solvent extracts)
  • feed generally improves herd health, reducing on-farm vet calls
  • oil used as a fuel, reduces diesel CO2 emissions
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