Energrow Inc.

We went with an Energrow System to take back more of our ration in house and have more control of the cost of our ration. I believe that it has reduced the cost of our ration, we were previously having our own beans roasted, plus the income from the oil. It's hard to say what impact it has had on the cows, we seem to be changing something all the time, but I will say that I think it has had a positive impact on butterfat levels and has reduced feed costs.

Dairy Farm in Spencerville, ON

If farmers want to survive they are going to have to try some of these things!

Mr. Albrecht
Newton, Ontario

We like Soyex as another source of protein. We find these pellets to be higher in fat than (solvent extracted) soybean meal and also very palatable.

Lloyd Weber, Webstone Holsteins
Dairy Farm in West Montrose, Ontario

We use Soyex as an 'economical' source of protein for our dairy goats. Our milk production and conception rates have increased noticeably"!!

Ed and Delilah Zehr
 - Dairy Goat Farm in Newton, Ontario
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