Energrow Inc.

"It doesn't matter how you look at it, you're saving money by crushing beans. The oil will pay for the system. My banker even wanted to know how I'm feeding my cows so much cheaper than other robot farms." 

Robot Dairy Farm in Moorefield, ON

We milk 120 cows and save $19,100 in feed per year with our Energrow System. Soyex is also fed to our heifers and calves. We got an Energrow System to reduce our external feed costs and be less dependent on market prices. We see the oil as the added bonus to pay for our machine that makes the feed. We look forward to use Soyex in our recently installed milking robots. We're happy with our Energrow System because it doesn't need much maintenance and runs itself as long as we have seed to crush!

Custom Crusher and Dairy Farm in Plattsville, ON

Our Energrow System is very easy to use and maintain. We produce fresh meal for our own farm and custom crush for other farmers in our area. Soyex leaves the cattle with a nice finish. We use Soyex as our main protein. Our purchased feed costs for a 60 cow herd has gone down by approximately $6000 per year. We've cut our fuel costs by at least 10% because we use our oil as fuel for our tractors. It's a great feeling to know we don't have to rely so much on external feed and fuel costs anymore.

Custom Crusher and Dairy Farm in Tara, ON

We got our first Energrow System in 2006 and are now running 4 presses as a custom crushing business. We crush non-gmo and organic soybeans and flax. Energrow presses are very easy to use and maintain. They run safely on their own without someone having to be there to babysit them. The pelleted meals from the presses are very easy to store and handle. We blend our oil with diesel for our tractors and generator and we also sell oil for feed. Our customers love getting fresh feed for their animals and benefit a lot from the extra energy that's added to their rations. Our Soyex is always sold fresh from the press and local demand is growing!

Custom Crusher in Newton, ON

We strive to make our farm as sustainable as possible. We've been running our Energrow System since 2008. We use our soya oil to blend into our diesel fuel. With diesel fuel over a dollar, it makes our oil worth over $1000/ton. We feed our freshly pelleted soybean meal (Soyex) to our cows to significantly reduce our purchased feed costs. We're proud to feed a ration that's made almost exclusively from ingredients produced on our farm.

Dairy Farm in St. Eugene, ON

We are feeding Soyex since August 2010 and are very pleased with it. We use it in the mixed ration as well in the robot. We feed high moisture corn in the robot for 9 years now plus pellet and liquid feed. High moisture corn is currently mixed with grain and Soyex pellets. Soyex takes on some of the moisture from the high moisture corn and these bigger pellets keep the mix flowing better in the hoppers than roasted beans in the robot. The cows love the pellets. Especially for robot milkers who want to feed high moisture corn in the robot, it is worthwhile to try Soyex.

Dirk & Betty Willemsen - Dairy Farm in Milverton, ON

Our veal calves have better yielding carcasses and two buyers at the Ontario Stock Yards have commented that our calves have improved since starting to feed our own Soyex.

Bruce McKeown, Caledon Jersey Farms - Jersey and Veal Farm in Lindsay, Ontario
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