Energrow Inc.

There are a number of ways Energrow offers you only the best in on-farm oilseed pressing systems:


Compact design, quiet, and low maintenance.  Energrow Systems DO NOT require that your seeds are specially pre-conditioned or be extra dry to specific requirements. The pelleted meal from your Energrow System dries on its own and requires no further processing or cooling. You're busy, Energrow make oilpressing on your farm easy so you can keep doing what you do best!


Comes pre-run and calibrated, 24/7 production, runs safely unmanned/unattended.  Energrow Systems are designed to be less sensitive to changes in seed moisture, quality, and consistency than other systems.


Low operation cost, $5 electricity per tonne of soybeans


Only high grade and quality materials are used in the manufacturing of Energrow Systems to ensure consistent and safe feed production.  Energrow Systems use only food-grade lubricants and extract oil through cold-pressing, ensuring the oil quality and shelf-life of the oil are not sacrificed as in high heat pressing. All Energrow meals are pelletized to ensure quick drying, minimal breakage, and easy augering and mixing. 

Locally Grown

Designed and built in Canada.  Get direct access to the people who designed your system.


Ability to increase capacity now and later - add presses or features as your demand grows.  One press generally meets the needs of one farm, but should you have a very large herd, be expanding your herd or farm or increasing your custom pressing business above the capacity of one system, you can easily add another.

Fully Supported

Local dealer installation, service, and nutrition support - Energrow strives to help its customers in any way it can to acheive more freedom!


Your system comes with 2 and 5 year warranties.  Energrow stands behind its products...and you!

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