Energrow Inc.

“We did a trial and we found that not only did we save on feed costs, our cows came up 15% in milk. Rather than just sell our beans to the local elevator and buying back the feed, you can make the feed yourself and save money – it save everybody more money. We’re currently selling our oil to a local feed mill, but as fuel prices rise we expect to use the oil in our tractors."

Jersey and Veal Farm in Lindsay, ON

"As far as why we went with the Energrow System, I just wanted to take back a bit more of our ration in house, have a bit more control of the cost of our ration.  I believe that it has reduced the cost of our ration, we were previously having our own beans roasted, plus the income from the oil.  It's hard to say what impact it has had on the cows, we seem to be changing something all the time, but I will say that I think it has had a positive impact on butterfat levels and has reduced feed costs.

Dairy Farm in Spencerville, ON

"We custom press soybeans and sell oil and meal.  (Burning my oil) cuts back on emissions and nice in enclosed areas, the soybean oil doesn’t have that sharp diesel fuel smell anymore. It’s easy to operate, very easy to set-up and fairly maintenance free.  If I have seed in the tank it’ll run 24 hours a day.  It’ll operate while I’m sleeping or taking deposits to the bank!"

Cash Crop Farm in Listowel, ON

"I wanted something I could supplement my fuel bill with.  I like the ease of the operation, easy setup and buying local! Support’s great, they’re just a phone call away and they can walk you through any problems."

Cash Crop Farm in Chesterville, ON

"Our butter fat right now is 4.05 and our protein is 3.3-3.4 so it’s marvelous! It’s our own product and I’m proud to use our own product! It takes us basically 2 minutes to clean the press, get the sediment out of the sift, shake it out and then we walk back out for 24 hours.   We’re on the right track to reduce costs and this product is what’s going to make it happen!"

Dairy Farm in Casselman, ON

"We use soybean meal from Energrow. It is an 'economical' source of protein for our dairy goats. Our milk production and conception rates have increased noticeably"!!

Dairy Farm in Newton, Ontario

"We like the soybean pellets as another source of protein. We find these pellets to be higher in fat than (solvent extracted) soybean meal and also very palatable. Thank you!"

Dairy Farm in West Montrose, Ontario

"If farmers want to survive they are going to have to try some of these things"

Dairy Farm in Newton, Ontario

"After consulting with my nutritionist, I came to the conclusion that it is more economical to use the Energrow byproduct (expelled beans) than using roasted beans."

Dairy Farm in Atwood, Ontario

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