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Energrow’s oilseed pressing system helps farmers CRUSH their feed costs.
The easy way to make fresh, home-grown, high-quality meal + expeller-pressed oil, right on the farm. The fully automated, turnkey CRUSH-Pro is easy to set up and run 24/7. Cows love the meal, and we’ll buy back the oil

Energrow’s award-winning oilseed pressing system saves farmers thousands of dollars each year on feed costs, replacing 75% or more of your purchased protein with nutritious, highly palatable Soyex™ soybean meal. Farms with a 75-head dairy save more than $15,000 per year on average, with the system paying for itself in less than three years, and then many times over. 

Plus, Energrow guarantees a market for the cold-pressed soybean oil: For every tonne of soybeans that you press, you can make approximately $60 for the oil you extract. We pick up the oil in 1,000L totes, and send you a cheque! Or keep the oil to offset your diesel usage on the farm. How much will you save? 
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Soyex™, the expeller-pressed soybean meal made by your CRUSH-Pro oilseed pressing system, is a consistent and palatable feed that your cows will love. It’s freshly pelleted, and ready to feed in a top dress, TMR or robot rations. Soyex™ is typically fed at around 2-3kg/lactating cow/day and can replace over 75% of your purchased protein. Need help adding Soyex™ to your cows’ diet? Contact our nutritionist. Energrow presses also process canola, flaxseed and other oilseeds.

The fully automated Energrow oilseed pressing system is the most user-friendly, efficient and reliable oilseed pressing system on the market. Get crushing within a couple hours of the press arriving at your farm! Energrow makes crushing simple so you can continue to focus on running your farm. 

An Energrow oilseed press can make up to 900kg of fresh pressed soybean meal per day.  That’s enough to feed over 300 cows for only $5 of electricity. You can run your system a few days out of the week or run multiple presses if you need more production.

“It takes us basically 2 minutes to clean the press, get the sediment out of the sift, shake it out and then we walk back out for 24 hours.”

“It’s easy to operate, very easy to set-up and fairly maintenance free.  If I have seed in the tank it’ll run 24 hours a day.  It’ll operate while I’m sleeping or taking deposits to the bank!"

The Energrow oilseed pressing system is designed and made in Canada, with an industry-leading warranty. Each CRUSH-Pro system comes with hands-on training at your farm, and is backed by a reliable service network to ensure a steady supply of feed - and profits too!

“Support’s great, they’re just a phone call away and they can walk you through any problems." 

Learn more about the Energrow oil buyback program, exclusive to Energrow Crushers. 
*Full program in effect for Ontario customers, some limitations apply to other Canadian provinces and US states. For program details, contact Energrow.

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