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Energrow’s oilseed pressing system helps farmers CRUSH their feed costs.
The easy way to make fresh, home-grown, high-quality meal + expeller-pressed oil, right on the farm. The fully automated, turnkey CRUSH-Pro is easy to set up and run 24/7. Cows love the meal, and we’ll buy back the oil

Energrow’s award-winning oilseed pressing system saves farmers thousands of dollars each year on feed costs, replacing 75% or more of your purchased protein with nutritious, highly palatable Soyex™ soybean meal. Farms with a 75-head dairy save more than $15,000 per year on average, with the system paying for itself in less than three years, and then many times over. 

Plus, Energrow guarantees a market for the cold-pressed soybean oil: For every tonne of soybeans that you press, you can make approximately $60 for the oil you extract. We pick up the oil in 1,000L totes, and send you a cheque! Or keep the oil to offset your diesel usage on the farm. How much will you save? 
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Soyex™, the expeller-pressed soybean meal made by your CRUSH-Pro oilseed pressing system, is a consistent and palatable feed that your cows will love. It’s freshly pelleted, and ready to feed in a top dress, TMR or robot rations. Soyex™ is typically fed at around 2-3kg/lactating cow/day and can replace over 75% of your purchased protein. Need help adding Soyex™ to your cows’ diet? Contact our nutritionist. Energrow presses also process canola, flaxseed and other oilseeds.

The fully automated Energrow oilseed pressing system is the most user-friendly, efficient and reliable oilseed pressing system on the market. Get crushing within a couple hours of the press arriving at your farm! Energrow makes crushing simple so you can continue to focus on running your farm. 

An Energrow oilseed press can make up to 900kg of fresh pressed soybean meal per day.  That’s enough to feed over 300 cows for only $5 of electricity. You can run your system a few days out of the week or run multiple presses if you need more production.

“It takes us basically 2 minutes to clean the press, get the sediment out of the sift, shake it out and then we walk back out for 24 hours.”

“It’s easy to operate, very easy to set-up and fairly maintenance free.  If I have seed in the tank it’ll run 24 hours a day.  It’ll operate while I’m sleeping or taking deposits to the bank!"

The Energrow oilseed pressing system is designed and made in Canada, with an industry-leading warranty. Each CRUSH-Pro system comes with hands-on training at your farm, and is backed by a reliable service network to ensure a steady supply of feed - and profits too!

“Support’s great, they’re just a phone call away and they can walk you through any problems." 

Learn more about the Energrow oil buyback program, exclusive to Energrow Crushers. 
*Full program in effect for Ontario customers, some limitations apply to other Canadian provinces and US states. For program details, contact Energrow.

Energrow is a small and growing agricultural manufacturer that is the North American leader in oilseed crushing and pressing. Energrow Inc has over 15 years of experience building reliable pressing equipment. We’re eager to scale our team so that we can continue to provide excellent customer service and support to our existing and new customers. Energrow is seeking a reliable, ambitious individual to join our growing team in the capacity of Operations & Service Manager.

In this role, the incumbent will spend approximately 50% of their time overseeing the general operations of Energrow including the oil program, marketing initiatives, human resources management, and planning for long term initiatives and success. The other 50% will be spent supporting dealers and customers by providing on-site and virtual service, support, and training. The incumbent will work closely with Energrow’s cofounders to support scaling the operations, streamlining processes and procedures and growing the team.

The ideal candidate will be located in Southwestern Ontario and is able to work at the Energrow head office at minimum 3 days per week and will have the option to work from a home office providing virtual support and visiting distributors for the remainder of the week.

Service Technician Responsibilities:

  • Service and maintain Energrow machines by responding to service requests from dealers and customers in a timely manner.
  • Perform system checks, maintenance, and corrections on equipment and systems.
  • Create print and video training materials for dealers and customers for frequently asked questions.
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures for common problems that customers may experience with Energrow equipment and map solutions.
  • Read and generate reports from Energrow equipment.
  • Collaborate with the Product Manager on new research and development opportunities to improve existing products and design and build new products.
  • Comply with the OHSA regulations as well as company Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Keep work areas clean and organized.

Operations Manager Responsibilities:

  • Increase customer and dealer value through improved communication support and response times
  • CRM data entry, tracking and automation improvement to support sales processes
  • Implement and manage standard procedures and processes for Office and Oil Program
  • Human resource management: developing job descriptions, hiring for new and vacant positions, developing and implementing attractive compensation and benefits programs, overseeing training and development of employees.
  • Event support
  • Support upkeep of marketing materials and online presence including website and social media
  • Bookkeeping and inventory management
  • Supervision of coop students and summer interns
  • Complete other general duties, as assigned or required


  • 2-5 years of administrative or managerial experience
  • Mechanical or machining background
  • Experience handling materials utilized in manufacturing and agricultural processes
  • Exceptional attention to detail, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting, customer service and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and use critical thinking to solve problems.
  • Great interpersonal skills and the ability to act as the face of Energrow with our customers and dealers.
  • Valid G Class Driver’s License and reliable personal transportation to commute to local farms as needed.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office and Google Suite.
  • Knowledge of electrical and wiring schematics are an asset.
  • Knowledge of agricultural manufacturing equipment is an asset.
  • Able and willing to wear PPE, safely climb ladders, and occasionally lift boxes up to 50lbs.

If you meet some, but not all of these qualifications and are eager to learn, please consider applying! We’re willing to train the right individual.

Work Environment:

  • Energrowoffice, customer farms, dealerships, and home office.
  • Depending on work area, exposure to hot, humid, wet, cool/cold and/or breezy conditions
  • May be exposed to chemicals/fumes (low risk), dust/particulates, and varying noise levels

Applicants, please send resume with cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not contact the company through other means for this job application. We thank all who apply but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Energrow is an equal opportunity employer and accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in the selection process.

Ideal start date: April/ May 2022



  • 40 hours per week
  • Flexible hours


  • $25-33 per hour plus potential for annual profit sharing.
  • Benefits following 3 months of employment:
    • 15 vacation days per year + up to 5 unpaid vacation days (more as required)
    • 10 paid statutory holidays per year
    • 3 paid sick days per year

We thank all candidates for your interest. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. The interview process includes a phone and/or video interview, and an in-person interview. Check us out here: www.energrow.com

“We did a trial and we found that not only did we save on feed costs, our cows came up 15% in milk. Rather than just sell our beans to the local elevator and buying back the feed, you can make the feed yourself and save money – it save everybody more money. We’re currently selling our oil to a local feed mill, but as fuel prices rise we expect to use the oil in our tractors."

Jersey and Veal Farm in Lindsay, ON

"As far as why we went with the Energrow System, I just wanted to take back a bit more of our ration in house, have a bit more control of the cost of our ration.  I believe that it has reduced the cost of our ration, we were previously having our own beans roasted, plus the income from the oil.  It's hard to say what impact it has had on the cows, we seem to be changing something all the time, but I will say that I think it has had a positive impact on butterfat levels and has reduced feed costs.

Dairy Farm in Spencerville, ON

"We custom press soybeans and sell oil and meal.  (Burning my oil) cuts back on emissions and nice in enclosed areas, the soybean oil doesn’t have that sharp diesel fuel smell anymore. It’s easy to operate, very easy to set-up and fairly maintenance free.  If I have seed in the tank it’ll run 24 hours a day.  It’ll operate while I’m sleeping or taking deposits to the bank!"

Cash Crop Farm in Listowel, ON

"I wanted something I could supplement my fuel bill with.  I like the ease of the operation, easy setup and buying local! Support’s great, they’re just a phone call away and they can walk you through any problems."

Cash Crop Farm in Chesterville, ON

"Our butter fat right now is 4.05 and our protein is 3.3-3.4 so it’s marvelous! It’s our own product and I’m proud to use our own product! It takes us basically 2 minutes to clean the press, get the sediment out of the sift, shake it out and then we walk back out for 24 hours.   We’re on the right track to reduce costs and this product is what’s going to make it happen!"

Dairy Farm in Casselman, ON

"We use soybean meal from Energrow. It is an 'economical' source of protein for our dairy goats. Our milk production and conception rates have increased noticeably"!!

Dairy Farm in Newton, Ontario

"We like the soybean pellets as another source of protein. We find these pellets to be higher in fat than (solvent extracted) soybean meal and also very palatable. Thank you!"

Dairy Farm in West Montrose, Ontario

"If farmers want to survive they are going to have to try some of these things"

Dairy Farm in Newton, Ontario

"After consulting with my nutritionist, I came to the conclusion that it is more economical to use the Energrow byproduct (expelled beans) than using roasted beans."

Dairy Farm in Atwood, Ontario

Our mission is to enable farmers to process their own oilseed on farm into fresh, high quality meal and oil using the most reliable, efficient and user-friendly pressing systems on the market.

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