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Within 10 days of feeding Soyex to my milking cows, the milk protein increased 0.2 and the fat also increased 0.2. I mix the Soyex with soybean meal, high moisture corn, corn silage, alfalfa haylage and straw. The cows like the feed and its palatability. Soyex provides a higher source of energy than soybean meal and is a great source of protein. In addition, Soyex is also very economical. I am very happy with Soyex!

Werner Egger, Egger Farms - Dairy Farm in Gadshill, Ontario

Our oilseed press is more than just an expeller, it's an automated, turn-key pressing system designed to crush your feed costs. Use your farm-grown or purchased beans and seeds to produce the highest quality soy, canola and flax meals and oils directly on your farm! Find out more about the Energrow ES3750B Oilseed Pressing system by clicking the image below:



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